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As part of a recent project for the Commonwealth Secretariate 42 undertook an online survey of management consultancy companies working with SMEs in Ghana. The following link will take you to the online survey results Ghana Survey

As a result of the research the Commonwealth then supported us to run a short training course for Ghana consultants to illustrate how an effective strategic management development programme could be delivered commercially to SMEs. As part of this training programme (for a copy click on the link below) we developed a draft manual describing the services in some detail. The Commonwealth is now supporting us to develop the manual further into an online resource for consultants. This is still a work in progress but it is possible to download the current early draft from the following link:

Click here to download draft manual

Click here to download consultancy training course

In addition to the consultancy training we also developed a training programme for start up businesses and trained 25 staff of the National Board for Small Scale Industries in its delivery.

Click her for a copy of the micro business training course

We also ran a 2-day training trainers programme on ICT in Business

Click here for a copy of the ICT in Business Training Course