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The enhanced business performance system is designed to guide consultants in delivering strategic support and promote the development of a stable SME market for management consultancy services. It is designed to be delivered by local consultancy practices, with a training and coaching package to assist them in applying the concepts to the practical needs of local companies.

The local practices receive:

Ø Detailed standard methodology with over 100 “tools” to help them facilitate SME self-evaluation and adoption of new approaches for the next stage of growth.

Ø Direct marketing tools with a recommended marketing campaign to win work from clients

Direct training in the use of the methodology and in the skills needed to run successful projects

Ø A coaching system based on regular video conferencing for live session review of progress with the pilot projects, using our own internet based system, allowing live group discussions and joint working on documents.

For more information contact Peter Milford at peterm@42consultancy.com