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A senior development consultant with 29 years experience, Peter has directly delivered consyultancy projects and managed project teams providing professional services in strategic policy development, the design and management of subsidised and commercial services to business and the transferring of skills to local counterparts and consultants through programmes of training, coaching, mentoring and the development of tailored functional tools. This experience has been gained in a variety of national & international contexts but especially in transitional and developing economies, including work in Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Botswana, China, Czech Republic, Egypt, Ghana, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Russia, Serbia, South Africa and Turkey, as well as work in the Western European countries of Ireland, Sweden and the UK
David Wood is a strategic and innovative change agent in an advisory capacity with businesses and voluntary organisations and their support organisations, and as a leader and pioneer for change wherever he works. He has extensive knowledge and experience of  business development both in the UK and in some 16 transition economies in the Balkans, CEE and FSU, specialising in planning and strategy in the context of predicted future trends, people management, promoting innovation, business analysis and diagnostics, and developing collaborative networks.
Igor AntauerA lawyer with long experience as consultant, lecturer and manager Igor specialises in management with special ability for establishing and growing different institutions and leading projects in company development, bankruptcy, reinforcement settlements, especially from the point of view of public administration, privatisation, corporate possibilities, labour market measurements (Active Policy of Employment, Self Employment and Labour Foundation’s) and transfer of knowledge. Igor's past experience covers various aspects from government and state administration, building information systems in statistics and standards to developing deferent institutions for promotion of SME’s, Employment and Regional development.
Elaine AtkinsonAn experienced consultant and trainer Elaine has designed and delivered numerous training programmes in the management of voluntary organisations and in the development of partnership programmes incorporating public and commercial income streams. She has worked in regeneration projects focused on integrating housing and economic activities. She is outcome/goal orientated with the ability to see the “big picture” and so is able to focus on the real issues such as diagnosing and prioritising areas of key improvement. She is a strong communicator, knowing how to get across ideas and concepts, and is a committed team builder, bringing together skills and strengths of others. Elaine is also a designer and able to assist in the development of new product ideas
David DouglasDavid is a financial expert with significant experience of the creation of specialist development funds, strategic development services, privatisation and direct services to businesses gained in international work in 22 countries including the Balkan countries of Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, and Macedonia, together with several CEE and FSU countries