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42 Consultancy was founded to bring together an international group of experienced specialist consultants with a strong track record of translating European Union experience of Local and Regional Development, small business and social economy management into practical and policy work in a variety of national and international contexts. 

 As indigenous consultancy services become stronger and increasingly meet the needs of the public and private sectors our objective is to provide international consultants that can work in partnership with local organisations and consultants to integrate best European and global practice with the specific requirements of individual countries in a manner that builds competence for the future. 

 Within this empowerment methodology we are able to bring specialist knowledge of:
* Regional Development 
* Policy guidance and strategic development
* Targets and indicators for regional and local organisations and programmes.
* Technical advice relating to EU Accession and Structural Fund programmes
* Establishing and developing regional development agencies
* Creating Partnership Bodies
* Designing employment initiatives, particularly for the Socially Excluded
* SME Development* Programme evaluation, including adaptations to reflect EU accession requirements.
* Development and management of specialist loan and investment funds.
* Strategies and programmes for entrepreneurship development and and growth of SMEs.
* Specific development strategies to meet the needs of medium-sized enterprises.